Apartments for rent
in Kamilari, South Crete

Night life

In the nearby tourist towns of Matala and Agia Galini you can sit in festive tavernas or dance until 5am in one of the many bars and cafes.

Archaeological sites

Just 5 minutes' drive away is the world-famous site of the impressive Minoan palace of Phaistos.

Another 5 minutes' drive from there is the site of Agia Triada, whose history is closely connected with that of Phaistos. And between the neighbouring towns of Mires and Agii Deka are the ruins of Gortys. But Kamilari has its own archaeological attractions too: an ancient Minoan tomb is an easy 10 minute walk from the apartments and if you are interested I can show you many other sites such as monasteries, caves and ruins.


Fridays and Saturdays the streets come alive in two nearby towns. In these markets you can bargain for everything from apples to leather jackets.


You can roam freely around the olive trees around Kamilari or climb the hills to discover beautiful views.

Beaches and swimming

Komos beach, a beautiful stretch of fine sand on the Libyan Sea coast, is just 4 km away. Closer at hand (2.5 km) is Kalamaki, a small resort with a long sandy beach. Matala, a well-known tourist destination whose beach is overlooked by ancient caves that you can explore in the cliff faces, is 8 km away.

Pleasant swimming pools - ideal for families - can be found at Kalamaki and at Petrokefali, about 3 km away.

Boat trips and excursions

You can take boat trips and excursions to many picturesque places from nearby ports.

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