Apartments for rent
in Kamilari, South Crete

Our family consists of Michalis, a Cretan man born and grown up in Athens but returned to his roots on the beautiful Island of Crete, Ilse, his Belgian wife who came to live here in 1999 and never regretted it a day, and Georgos and Sebastian their sons who love to meet new friends during the summer.

Ambeliotissa is a perfect location for families with children, the children can play together and enjoy the safe, child friendly environment. But also people without kids can appreciate the quiet gardens and natural surroundings.

We speak Greek, English and Dutch fluently and also understand a little German. The best part of our job is the opportunity we have to meet people from many different countries. We like to have a drink together and have a good time!

We will recommend places for you to visit to make the most of your stay in our beautiful Island.

Ilse and Michalis Nikitakis, This address is protected against spambot by javascript. Please activate Javascript in your web browser to see it.
Phone & fax: +30 28 920 42 690, Mobile: +30 69 773 111 30