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9602) Reuben Armento
Lieu: District of Columbia
Mercredi, 15. Mars 2023 06:21 Envoyer email

A Lot of people are still ignorant of how these Crypto Ponzi scammers work just like me. I was impatient to carry out the necessary research on this crypto trading. I just wanted to keep investing and keep earning because I was super excited after my first investment tripled in one hour. Unfortunately, I invested 258,000 USDT and ETH with this fraudulent company. I didn't realize I was dealing with a dubious company until I tried to make an attempt to withdraw. I made a withdrawal request and noticed that my account was suddenly blocked for no apparent reason. I was requested to pay some charges to perfect the withdrawal which I always did but they always come for more. I tried contacting customer support but all too was in vain. I needed my money back at all costs since I could not afford to let it go. So I tried all possible means to make sure I recovered my scammed USDT and ETH. I did a lot of online searching for help and tried to see if other people had similar experiences. I stumbled upon a digital currency forum where a couple of people mentioned that they had been through the same process and were able to recover their lost cryptocurrency funds with the help of an Ethical hacker. So I emailed them and explained to them my predicament and they were able to help me get back all my lost funds within 24 hours. reach out to (cybergenie (@) cyberservices (.) com
9601) Mary George
Lieu: United States
Mardi, 14. Mars 2023 14:03 Envoyer email

Hello, my name is Mary George. In fact, I was fooled by a dishonest broker who disappeared with my funds a few months ago. I contacted H a c k Mavens and gave him everything he needed to help in recovering my 4.7 BTC and I am glad he recovered my money. Although I was skeptical at first, I can boldly tell the world to contact H A C K M A V E N S 5 @ G M A I L . C O M or Call/Text/WhatsApp: + 1 (2 0 9) 4 1 7 – 1 9 5 7 for all kinds of h a c k i n g services. He is always straight forward and ready to answer every question put across to him. Best regards!
9600) GOhzxgol
Lieu: RFRijHnjMY
Mardi, 14. Mars 2023 09:55 

9599) fzQelZGP
Mardi, 14. Mars 2023 09:53 

9598) zNlzwmqMKN
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Mardi, 14. Mars 2023 09:50 

9597) YPsAoywRXqGs
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Mardi, 14. Mars 2023 09:44 

9596) IjjBPlNUYaoUaMiu
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Mardi, 14. Mars 2023 08:29 

9595) wMKiwjXOrEyHurOl
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