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9353) Amy Hoffmeier
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Friday, 15. October 2021 19:14 Send E-mail

I was twice a victim of a cryptocurrency scam lead by romance trying to find the right partner. I Lost about $64,000 (BTC and USDT) in the process and that funds was from my father's life insurance... I was broken, desperate and had a week left to pay rent...luckily I can across Dennis Walker who truly was like a God sent savior.. just a day to my rent been due he helped me recover 90% of my stolen money.. I was shocked and overwhelmed I had to post this advert for him... please if ever in such need as I was write him on DENNISDFIXER at gm ail. com
9352) RxFastRx
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Thursday, 14. October 2021 02:29 Send E-mail

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Location: Dallas
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9350) Dora Smith
Location: USA
Monday, 11. October 2021 19:45 Send E-mail

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Location: HOUSTON, TX
Sunday, 3. October 2021 17:29 

I lost my bitcoin to fake impostors on Facebook, they contacted me as blockchain official support and I fell stupidly for their mischievous act, this made them gain access into my blockchain wallet account, whereby 7.0938 btc was stolen from my wallet in total .I was almost in a comma and dumbfounded because this was all my savings I banked up on , waiting for bitcoin rate to improve . Then my niece recommended me to an expert, I researched online and found the recovery expert , with the contact address- QUADHACKED @ GMAIL . COM .I wrote directly to the specialist explaining my loss. Hence, he helped me recover my bitcoin just after 2 days. He helped me launch the recovery program , and the culprits were identified as well , all thanks to his expertise . I hope I have been able to help someone as well . Reach out to the recovery specialist to recover your lost funds from any form of online scam, he is dependable and trustworthy .
9348) Richard Faeita
Location: St. Charles, IL
Thursday, 30. September 2021 16:32 Send E-mail

Crypto is the best investment in the world today & hope for the nearest future, thus the reason I decided to invest a large share of my savings into btc. Unfortunately for me, I invested with the wrong company because I was referred to it by a buddy, over $80k worth of my btc was stolen from my wallet, I slipped into depression and almost considered suicide until I decided to try King Zeus btc recovery service. Within 5days, Zeus recovered over half of my stolen coins and all I had to provide him was the details of the transactions and the cheap recovery cost. He’s assured me that all my coins will be recovered within 2 weeks and I’m amazed by this skill of his. He can be reached on 754-999-2990 & for all recovery jobs.
9347) Clomid
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Wednesday, 29. September 2021 09:54 Send E-mail

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9346) David martins
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Monday, 27. September 2021 04:12 Send E-mail

Hello my name is David Martins i am 49 years old i live in California USA, I know it is very difficult to just come on here and read so many reviews and comments relating to bitcoin recovery and other cryptocurrency theft, Believe me i have been scammed thousands of dollars while trying to recover my stolen $375,0000 BTC and $700,000 USDT i finally got to meet Bob scott whom i got his contact details on a regular TV show talking about online scam and missing crypto, i had little hope and i decided to give it a try by sending a message via his email at B o b t h e h a c k l o r d @ g m a i l .c o m or + 1 9 0 1 3 7 2 7 4 3 6, Behold he helped me recover all my stolen coins by breaking codes into the persons wallet who stole from my wallet it was a big shock for and my family and miracle too, please do not be a victim of online scam and contact him he is the best!!!
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